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Is this your situation? You’re hiring for open positions but can’t seem to get the candidate engagement to translate to quality hires. The candidate experience has become much more essential, and companies need to understand their role in ensuring that potential applicants are qualified, engaged, and hirable. The candidate experience directly affects the quality of hires, so optimizing it is essential. Here are a few things you can do to convert top talent in the hiring process.

Focus on the Job Descriptions

A great job description is the first step to hiring top talent. It used to be that job ads would catalog each duty and provide a list of necessary qualifications. But today, job applicants don’t just want to know what a job is; they want to see why they should apply. Showcase your unique company culture, including incentives and goals.

Improve the Application Process

Social and mobile recruiting are becoming crucial elements in hiring. With so many job seekers connecting to companies via their mobile devices, the ability to apply needs to be simple and optimized. Many job seekers will abandon online applications if they take longer than a few minutes to complete. You may think you’re screening out bad candidates this way, but you’re also alienating top talent.

Make Timely Decisions

As a professional, you want others to respect your time. That means you also need to respect the time candidates spend on the application process. You may think rushing the application process will result in low-quality candidates. However, reducing the time to hire improves the ability to target, hire, and retain top talent. Be sure to update them regularly along the way, so they have no surprises.

Provide Candidate Feedback

Frequently, companies will abandon candidates who don’t move to the final hiring decision. This leaves applicants wondering what happened. When someone has made it several rounds, it’s essential to let them know why they were hired. And you never know, a qualified candidate who wasn’t right this time may be perfect in the future. If you provide positive feedback, you keep those lines of communication open.

Do you want to convert more top talent in your hiring process?

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