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Recruiters need to know the best seasons for hiring their core skills group. So, what time of year is best to start your recruiting efforts? Regardless of your specialty, there is ample evidence that sourcing candidates in the first quarter is the best time to talk to new talent. If you’re wondering why or just how to go about finding the best candidates for your clients, here are some facts to consider based on this infographic from The Staffing Stream.

  • New Year’s resolution psychology.

A new career is at the top of the list for many professionals as they enter the New Year. And as they work on meeting their resolutions, they may find themselves in the job market. And we all know New Year’s resolutions are best within the first two months of the year. Strike while the iron is hot and reach out to the new job explorers.

  • Back in the saddle after the holidays.

Another reason January and February are historically peak times to hire new employees is the post-holiday let down. From Thanksgiving through the end of December, both employees and companies are focused on things other than their daily production. That means when they return from vacation after the first of the year, they are more stressed with handling new tasks and are ready to consider a change.

  • Prepare for the dip in March.

However, because of these factors, job seekers tend to dip in March. There is a lot of complicated psychology related to this, but it could be that once the newness has worn off and reality sets in, potential employees are one again complacent in their current work. On top of that, companies are beginning to anticipate new college graduates entering the market in April and May.

  • Hiring picks up for the summer.

Traditionally, hiring will pick up for the summer months. This is due to a number of factors, but the most important thing to note is that a staffing professional will not be ready for increased hiring if they have not spent the first quarter sourcing candidates who are looking to make a change in 2017.

  • Hiring lull in third and fourth quarter.

This brings us back to the end of the year, where companies are beginning to prepare for the holidays and the next year of productivity and they aren’t as likely to hire. Many times this is related to budget constraints as well as a lower need for production, depending on the industry. This will lead recruiters back to the first of the year as a good time to find new candidates to add to the job pool.

How will you optimize this month for recruiting?

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