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Many companies implement criminal background checks as a condition of employment. Following legal requirements, they often set standards that impact who they hire for what positions depending on the results of the checks. But could that mean employers are missing out on dozens of qualified, hard workers? There is evidence to support that not all individuals with a criminal record would make bad employees. In fact, in many cases, it is quite the opposite. A recent study shows that companies may be missing out. Are you thinking of revamping your hiring policies to employ hard workers you previously dismissed? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Reevaluate your background policy.

What is your current policy on employee background checks? What criteria do you base this on? What service do you use to run and validate the background checks? The first step to making a change in the way your company handles previous records for potential employees is to evaluate the tools that you use to determine this criteria.

  • Work with a local organization to provide training.

One way to help avoid costly liability issues is to work with a local organization that helps individuals with criminal backgrounds find and keep jobs. They may provide training for skilled jobs and may help with placement and follow up during a period of employment. This can help both you and the employee feel more comfortable with the process.

  • Understand the legal consequences.

There are many legal issues that arise with background checks and working with employees who have a criminal record. Some are about safety and liability for the company, products, and customers. Others relate to the way job seekers are treated as a part of the process. Consulting with an employment law expert is highly recommended when navigating these processes.

  • Learn the challenges with background checks.

Another issue many companies don’t consider is the issues surrounding the use of background checks all together. What are the laws that you need to follow regarding employee notification. What happens if the background check information proves to be false? What is your company responsible for within the process and how can you ensure compliance?

What is your current policy on background checks and hiring individuals with a criminal record?

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