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Why do people like to work with staffing agencies? That’s the eternal question agencies need to answer while they are recruiting individuals for open positions. The key is to ensure that the services you’re providing to short and long term employees are personalized. Can you improve lives with your services? If you haven’t considered this question, it may be time to consider how you go beyond just filling jobs. Here are some things you can do to make your services more personal.

Matching good people with good jobs

There is a reputation that the staffing industry needs to overcome. There have been big strides made over the years, but there is more work to be done. The goal is to make sure that your candidates know you want to place them with your top clients. And the more satisfied they are with the jobs, the more satisfied your clients will be with you. You want each other to be your best representatives in the marketplace.

Standing in their corner

This sometimes means standing up for the client if they are facing difficulty with their job or throughout the interview process. While the clients pay your bills, the candidates are your most important product and if they are dissatisfied with the attention you give and the way you represent them to potential employees, the system will quickly break down.

Creating better economic opportunities 

The more money the employee makes, the more money you make as a recruiter. It is important that this is viewed as a reciprocal relationship. Many potential candidates feel that staffing agencies take a “cut off the top.” This is patently untrue. Your goal is to get them as much money as you can. But this will also give them economic opportunities for the future.

Improving career paths

Sometimes people don’t realize that staffing agencies care about their career advancement. But they do. Happy employees turn into potential clients in the future. The more you invest in their long term job goals, the happier everyone will be for the duration of the assignment and into the future.

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