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You are expected to handle a lot of tasks as a procurement professional. Among these things may be a myriad of administrative functions that, while necessary, only serve to pull your attention away from procurement. But there’s no way to avoid these duties on the job, right? When you work with a managed service provider, they can help you with a variety of functions that are necessary in terms of hiring but take up a lot of your extra time. What are those tasks? Let’s take a closer look.  


Sourcing Candidates 

Whenever you have an open position in your company, the first step is to source resumes. In most cases, that means placing an ad or posting a job online to begin collecting qualified resumes. But as you start to review those resumes, you may notice that not all of them, or even a majority of them, are qualified. That’s where the screening process begins.  


Resume Screening 

Once you have a collection of resumes, you need to screen through them to determine which of the applicants are qualified and who you would like to talk to about the job. That may mean you have to comb through hundreds of resumes to find only a handful of applicants that fit in terms of experience and skills.  

Candidate Interviews 

Of course, the next step is interviewing. This step is where you narrow down from dozens to only one or two candidates before deciding who to hire. At this stage, you get to know who the candidates are and can determine who may be a suitable fit for your current team and expectations. What an MSP can do is narrow down the previous two steps so you can concentrate on meeting only the top 3 candidates and not wasting your time.  


Background Checks 

Once you’ve selected a candidate to hire, you may have some requirements in terms of pre-employment screening. At the very least, you’ll need to conduct references. You may also, depending on your business, need other information such as a criminal background check or the verification of credentials. This information takes a lot of time to collect, so it’s best to give it to an expert who can take that off your plate.  


Onboarding Contingent Workforce 

Your new employee will also need an orientation to acclimate them to starting their new job. Onboarding isn’t just paperwork, though that is a huge part of the process. It’s also about the culture of your workplace, expectations, and training. An expert with your MSP can handle this process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of employee integration.  


Payroll Management 

Finally, we need to mention payroll management. Of all the tasks required for your workforce, especially contingent workers, weekly payroll takes the longest. Even without the other functions that can be handled by your MSP, having someone else take over your payroll process will pay for itself quickly, leaving you with the time you need to run your business.  


Could an MSP be the right solution for you?

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