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Whether you are a staffing agency or you use a staffing agency, you may find that a vendor management system is the most effective way to control your costs and your operations. So, what is a VMS, and how can it make your business more effective? There are so many things to know about VMS, including which systems are best for your business. But before you take a deep dive into the software, here is an overview to get you started.

  • Centralize your information. The efficiency of having a single source of information that includes all your vendor files, financial details, policies, contracts, certificates and other data that is essential is one great benefit of using a VMS. But that isn’t all it can do. It can help simplify the way you manage multiple vendor relationships to reduce administrative work and wasted time.
  • Manage your risk. Once you have a method to review key metrics in place, you will also be able to use this information to reduce your risks. For example, if you can check in an instant whether a vendor maintains a certain certification, you can avoid an uncomfortable situation in the future. You can know about potential problems right away and work toward solving them immediately.
  • Track vendor metrics. Metrics aren’t just for risk, however. There are a variety of things your VMS can track that can give you important data along the way. You can provide assessments of products and services in real time, which can prevent negative consequences down the line. This will also help ensure that you and your vendors are maintaining contract compliance as you work together.
  • Increase overall performance. Being able to provide real-time feedback of your vendor’s products or performance will also help increase your satisfaction and their quality. Far too often, when a VMS is not used to manage services, vendors aren’t made aware of key problems as they are happening. By the time they do find out it may be too late, and you may have moved on to another service. This is inefficient for you and for your vendor relationship.

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