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Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a method by which your company can have the peace of mind to know your hiring experience is smooth for both candidates and your internal teams. Not every company can have an internal recruiting and HR team, but every company should take hiring and employment issues seriously. So is RPO right for your business? Here’s are several things to consider before starting.

  • Share your past hiring experiences.

When you first talk with an RPO, it’s important that you’re honest with them about the experiences you’ve had hiring in the past. What sources do you use? What is your typical turnover rate? How successful are new hires in your office? If you sugarcoat any of this information, your RPO partner may not be able to develop the right program for your company.

  • Discuss your overall business needs.

What is causing you to contact an RPO in the first place? How do you see them helping your business? What roles have you hired for in the past, where were these employees located, and what was their success rate? What are hiring managers looking for when it comes to the change an RPO can provide?

  • Identify the best specializations.

Talk with your RPO about their past experiences specifically in terms of your industry. There will be RPOs who specialize in the industry you’re in, so it’s important they have an understanding of the day to day operations, the hiring needs, and a plan for the overall success rate.

  • Who can meet your key criteria?

There will be a number of key criteria that you’ll have to keep in mind, and you can evaluate an RPO based on this information. They may include:

  • geographic location;
  • ability to scale when necessary;
  • overall price; and
  • quality of placements;
  • Who shares similar business values?

Finally, you want to work with a provider who shares your specific business values. Why is this an important part of the process? You already know hiring employees needs to include a look at their fit for your corporate culture. Your RPO is an extension of your business, so if they do not have a match when it comes to values and principles, they may not be able to find the right people for your business.

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