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Imagine what the world would have been like throughout 2020 without access to the cloud. Cloud technology has changed the way we store and retrieve data online, and it’s become essential for the success of nearly every industry. What are the top cloud trends that small and medium businesses should watch out for in the coming years? Let’s take a closer look and consider the role the VMS can play.


No Borders for Cloud Technology

The big push for cloud technology for a long time was the idea of the public cloud. But even with a hybrid approach, with some information stored on-site and some in the cloud, access to cloud data is still very much a top priority. This was made very clear as companies had to quickly figure out how to allow employees to work from home during the COVID-19 crisis, give them access to important information, but still protect data. With cloud technology, there truly are no borders.


A Concern with Workload Environment

What is becoming a big factor in cloud computing is the idea of being more holistic. Every company needs to determine how the cloud will work for them and create a customized solution. Companies willing to think ahead can match workloads to the best cloud environment and include decision-making factors like cost, performance, compliance, employee skills, and anything specific to their industry.


The Emergence of Edge Computing

Edge computing is the industry term for the alternative to multi-cloud silos, which had been a big portion of the technology in the past. Instead, it integrates with service provider networks to user sites and sensor networks to allow all of the architecture to function as a whole. Knowing that data is everywhere, then the infrastructure that organizes it must be flexible enough to provide exactly the right protection and access points.


Cloud-Native Security

Internet security has long been a key factor in technology and the industry today is keeping the cloud in mind. Providing security to information not stored locally has been a concern for a lot of industries. Still, the leading edge of data security can be integrated with cloud storage to ensure only the right access is granted to only the right users. These security measures are built directly into the layers of cloud storage.

To get the most out of your hybrid cloud environments, a VMS can move seamlessly between on-premise and cloud solutions. When you share resources between data centers and cloud services providers, you need a dedicated team on your side.


Can a VMS help you navigate these Cloud-based trends?

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