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You know that your company and team are more effective when processes are streamlined. That’s why you make an effort to create training programs and manuals that help everyone in your organization work to the best of their ability. But what happens if you need to bring in a contingent workforce? How can you guarantee that they will be as efficient and effective as your permanent staff? Here are a few strategies for more effective high-volume staffing.

Provide an Orientation

When staffing for high-volume projects, be sure to provide an orientation. Often, the bulk of short-term workers start on the same day, or they have staggered starts. Providing training and orientation on the first day of work allows everyone to come on board with some knowledge of what to expect. Orientation should include training, an overview of the environment, and how to find help or answers when needed, and safety.

Make the Work Rewarding

High-volume work can sometimes be repetitive, so it’s up to you to make it exciting. Playing upbeat music in the environment is one way to encourage productivity and engage your team. You can also provide rewards for hitting various goals along the way. Some companies even use gamification to make these kinds of jobs more fun, giving employees a way to enjoy low-stakes competition.

Provide Feedback

Many companies have the view of temporary employees as disposable. If they aren’t working out, end their assignment and bring on someone new. But sometimes, this means cycling through employees and removing consistency from the work when feedback could have been more effective. Let someone know how to improve and give them the opportunity. And don’t forget to provide positive feedback for work well done, too.

Partner with an MSP

One way to create a more streamlined process with your contingent workforce is by partnering with a managed service provider or MSP. Your partner can create a customized solution for you on both long-term and short-term projects to ensure that the work gets done effectively and efficiently. The MSP recruitment process also creates a pipeline that gives you faster access to talent when needed.

Do you want to partner with an MSP for your high-volume staffing projects?

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