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Employment satisfaction has been a critical issue for many workers over the last decade. In fact, a recent study by the Society of Human Resources Management has indicated that employee satisfaction is at its highest now in over a decade, according to this report by Staffing Industry Analysts. 88% of the employees surveyed indicated they were satisfied with their job, including a high 37% who reported being very satisfied. What happened since 2005 to make this difference? Here are a few of the reasons the survey discovered.

Confidence in the Market

Part of the reason for this increased engagement on the job is the recovery of the economy. During the recession, employees stuck with jobs that made them unhappy for fear of not having a job at all. Once confidence was regained, they were more inclined to find jobs that fulfilled them in a better way.

Respectful Treatment from Managers

Another reason cited by workers was the treatment they received from management. It is no mystery that if you treat employees with respect, they will be loyal, productive, and engaged. It is good to see this being validated by increased satisfaction in the workplace.

Good Relationships with Coworkers

These satisfied workers are also reporting that they have better relationships with their coworkers. When employees are spending more time at work than they are at home with their families, it is critical that they get along with the people who share their environment.

Opportunities to Use Skills and Abilities

Finally, another reason satisfied employees noted for their overall engagement was the ability to use their skills for professional development. 89% said they felt confident that they could reach assigned work goals. And 70% felt they had the autonomy to take initiative to get something done at work.

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