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Big news for the temporary staffing industry. As reported by Staffing Industry Analysts, the number of temp jobs grew by over 15,000 between May and June of this year. This information by the Department of Labor was adjusted to account for seasonal jobs popular during the summer months. The total temp job penetration, when compared to permanent employment or other arrangements, remains around 2% in the industry. The temporary employment sector has always been a leading indicator of employment as a whole, and growth means a continued improvement in the overall job market. But how can you leverage this information to your clients? Here are a few suggestions.

Seasonal Employment Solutions

The most traditional use of temporary staffing has been to fill in gaps for increased seasonal workflow. Companies that are busier in the summer months, but relatively slow in the winter will look for short term employees to fill in these gaps. That aspect of temporary staffing will continue. A staffing agency can provide the most qualified, pre-screened employees at the time they are most needed.

Temp-to-Hire Opportunities

Other companies are more interested in a “try before you buy” scenario for potential long term employees. This will give them the opportunity to learn if the employee is a good fit before committing to hiring them on a permanent basis. The cost of a bad hire is exponential, so the ability to have a fallback plan with a staffing company is very attractive for many organizations.

On-Semand Staffing

The most recent trend in temporary staff is the Gig Economy. This is highlighted by online job connection sites such as eLance that connect freelancers with employers for short term contract jobs. Staffing agencies already have a bench of qualified, prescreened candidates who may consider short term work while waiting for a long term assignment.

Customized Recruiting Strategies

Every industry has unique needs. Customizing the recruiting strategies to include modern technology, like embracing social media, is imperative to finding and hiring the best possible matches. For example, one of the best ways to find a subject matter expert is to find bloggers who are writing about the topic and reaching out directly.

Prescreening Candidates

Companies who work with staffing agencies also need to feel assured that each potential employee has been fully vetted and screened before working on their assignment. There are a variety of ways a staffing agency can source and screen candidates, including a variety of technology or companies to partner with who specialize in these types of background checks and skills validations.

How can your company embrace the new staffing paradigm?

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