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While July seems so long ago now that we’re back to school and on the downslope toward the holidays, we’ve only just left summer behind. Since it was just a short time ago, it is worth it to look at the job growth jumps that happened in the month of July. What happened in the heart of the summer that will impact the remainder of the year? The good news appears to be the growth specifically for temporary staffing. Here are some more things to keep in mind.

Up 17,000 Jobs Over June

Temporary staffing is considered an economic indicator. While companies may be concerned about hiring full-time staff, they may rely on short-term employees to help with increased production until they feel more confidence. With the temp market increasing significantly between June and July this year, it indicates strong movement in the right direction.

Highest Level Since December 2015

In fact, what we are seeing is a significant increase over the first half of the year. December, which is a common time for short-term holiday staffing, was the last time our country saw high numbers, so to see those again in the summer is a significant step.

Overall Unemployment Unchanged from June

It is interesting to note that while temp staffing has increased over the last six months, the general unemployment numbers are remaining relatively steady. The federal unemployment rate is still very low, especially when compared to the recession from just 10 years ago. And, as temp employment continues to grow, so will traditional employment.

Job Market Increases in Spite of Economic Trends

While many people are discussing the stagnant GDP, the employment market is still continuing to see healthy gains. With increased temporary staffing needs as well as a low unemployment rate, the status of the American jobs economy is looking strong going into the New Year.

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