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Selecting vendors can be an arduous process. You need to ensure that every business partner you bring in supports your current vision and corporate values. So, how can you create a process that will help you select the right vendor management solutions to keep everything organized and efficient? Here is a quick checklist that can help you get started.

  • Analyze business requirements.

    Step one is to determine what you really need. There are a lot of things a vendor management solution can provide, but paying for the ones you don’t need will be a waste of time and money in the end.

  • Conduct a vendor search.

    Next, it’s important to look at all of the options available to you to see which ones fit in with the business requirements you’ve laid out for yourself. Talk to multiple companies before narrowing down the choices.

  • Write the Request for Proposal.

    Your RFP will communicate what you’re looking for to the potential candidates. Your request should be as thorough as the resulting proposals you receive.

  • Evaluate and select vendors.

    You narrowed down your options when you conducted your vendor search, but now it’s time to select the winning proposal. Look at what each VMS brings to the table and how they answer your most important questions.

  • Negotiate terms.

    Once you have selected a VMS, it’s time to talk about the terms and conditions. They will have requirements they bring to the table along with the things you need and want from the relationship, so be fair in your negotiations.

  • Establish the contract.

    Finally, write up the contract to put the partnership in place. This should be evaluated by a legal team to ensure all parties are protected along the way. Once the contract is in place, work can begin.

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