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There are a variety of challenges that affect the business and that staffing executives need to understand thoroughly. According to a survey by Staffing Industry Analysts, the following categories are the top challenges that staffing agencies need to better understand in order to succeed in 2016.

Sales Growth

It is no surprise that business development is a top concern for staffing executives. Increased sales is typically the job of the sales executive, so if the objectives aren’t being achieved there may need to be significant changes in the organization. In 2016, try to determine better ways to achieve sales growth in your area and specialization.

Sourcing Candidates

By the same token, it makes sense that a significant pain point for staffing agencies is in the recruiting of talent for a variety of open positions. But is this simply the nature of the job or could there be more troubling problems at play? Look at the way you advertise for jobs, how you find passive candidates, and how you use your employee database when new jobs come across the recruiters’ desks.

Internal Hiring

Speaking of sales and recruiting, hiring is another common issue for many staffing company executives. Do you have the right people in the right seats at your business? Not only do you need to be concerned about the engagement and loyalty of your current staff, but it is important that when you hire a new team member that they share the same values as your current corporate culture.

Account Penetration

Though this seems like it should be toward the top of the list along with sales, account penetration is a very different thing. Often, large organizations have huge hurdles that need to be jumped over for a staffing agency to even become considered for partnership. Smaller companies might have more autonomy in their choices, but different managers are loyal to difference services. This is a function of sales and relationship building.

Ramp-Up Time

The nature of the staffing industry is often temporary. Some employees can work for as little as a half a day while others are hired directly by the company from the word go. But often, recruiters have to deal with short periods of time for placements. Ramping up the business for different clients or different candidates can be a challenge when these two disparate aspects don’t match up.

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