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How do you handle remarketing in your firm? When a great candidate comes off a position, you want to get them back out to work as quickly as possible because they have proven their worth to your agency. So how do you sell them to other companies when you don’t necessarily have an open position? Remarketing isn’t as immediately billable as working new requisitions from clients, so unless a match is obvious you’ll probably focus on other projects. But if you let that employee wait too long, you’ll lose out on exceptional candidates as they find other opportunities elsewhere. So how can you improve your remarketing strategies so you can attract and retain top talent? Here are some thoughts.

Start with the recruiter habits.

The biggest challenge any employer has is changing ingrained habits. Recruiters are far more likely to work on new requisitions rather than spend time trying to market candidates between assignments to clients without open positions. Instead, make this a priority. Sure, new jobs are important, but each day your recruiters should work on trying to place tried and true employees in new assignments to keep talent happy and engaged.

Improve relationships with clients.

By focusing on remarketing top candidates, you also have the potential to improve your overall relationships with clients. They will know that you’re interested in placing only the best employees in their companies. You can encourage them to look at top talent if they don’t have an open position which can help them grow their human capital.

Keep contractors happy.

In this case, it is extremely important to keep top billing candidates working. Why? Because word of mouth is one of your most important marketing strategies. If good employees feel like they are dropped as soon as their assignment ends, they are going to let everyone know that they’ve never heard back from your company after they spent their time earning your service money.

Provide incentives to increase replacements.

The best way to encourage your recruiters to spend their time remarketing quality placements is to incentivize the process. What can you provide that will encourage your staff to make these choices throughout the day? Creating a program that will encourage staff to prioritize remarketing will benefit your clients, employees, and your bottom line.

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