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Having just any Vendor Management Solution is not the most efficient way to conduct your business. The key is to ensure your VMS is living up to your standards and providing you with quality services that suit your day-to-day business needs. So, how do you know whether or not you’re working with the right VMS? Here are some of the top tips to help you understand if your VMS is up to the current industry regulations.

  • Track poor supplier quality.

    The most important aspect to track when trying to determine whether your VMS is up to industry regulations is quality. If you notice trends in poor supplier quality, that can be an indicator of bigger issues. These small things may go unnoticed day to day, but they will add up over time to cost you money and efficiency.

  • Review risk management and audits.

    How does the VMS review risk and conduct audits? What is their process internally? What is your process for determining the risk in your departments as well? By comparing these data points, how are they lining up with one another? Risk management is essential to the positive output.

  • Establish standards for quality and performance.

    You also need to establish companywide standards for quality and performance. These standards need to be met by the VMS working on your behalf. Without these established processes, the activities devolve into chaos where everyone is making it up as they go along.

  • Utilize technology for enhanced access.

    Far too many managers are reticent about embracing new technology. However, this tool is the best way to provide access to everyone who needs it. There are a variety of technological options to help enhance the distribution of data and connect the right people to one another to efficiently track process and progress.

  • Create a collaborative solution to address problems.

    When problems are determined, before you take drastic action, talk with your VMS about possible solutions. There may be a collaborative effort that can correct the situation before eliminating the partnership altogether and start a relationship over.

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