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A managed service provider, a term used across technology and services to describe an all-in-one managed solution, is an excellent idea for contingent staffing. An MSP is a dedicated team that serves as a single point of contact for your complete contingent labor program. From sourcing through separation and every step in between, your MSP will manage the entire experience. An MSP can be on or off-site, allowing you to consolidate your talent acquisition spend, manage suppliers, and access the best talent. Here are just a few of the benefits of an MSP.

Increase Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Every state, province, and municipality has different legal compliance issues that every employer needs to consider. It’s imperative that you’re able to maintain these standards throughout your workforce. By partnering with Anserteam as your MSP, we ensure that you are compliant across the board. An MSP will also help you mitigate risk while remaining in compliance.

More Access to Top Talent

With the Great Resignation and the War on Talent, there are more open jobs than candidates to fill them. That means you need a strategic staffing partner to help you navigate the current employment climate. An MSP will provide you more access to top talent from multiple sources, all with a single point of contact.

Build In Efficiency Processes

In an age of data and technology, there is no reason to live with inefficient systems. Using an MSP, you can streamline your entire process to ensure that hiring and onboarding to ending assignments will all be handled in the same system.

Improve Scalability

You don’t have to handle the hiring independently when you have a high-volume project. Having all the processes in place with your MSP will make it much easier to scale up without starting from scratch. Your MSP will walk you through the process to ensure that the right people are in the right jobs for the project’s duration.

Decrease Costs

Yes, an MSP will require a financial investment; however, the overall cost of hiring will trend downward over time. Why? Because once these processes are in place, the system is infinitely repeatable. You don’t have to pay what are essentially start-up costs at the beginning of every new project.

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