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The staffing industry is evolving quickly. It wasn’t that long ago that online applications became the norm, and the pandemic pushed everyone out of their comfort zone even further with remote working and onboarding. Even now, The Great Resignation is changing the staffing landscape. So what’s the best way to be more competitive in today’s staffing environment. If you’ve thought about working with a managed service provider to up your game, here are a few things you need to know.

How Does Working With an MSP Benefit You?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

First, a couple of definitions. A vendor management system is software used by your managed service provider to manage your contingent workforce’s hiring, onboarding, and management. The MSP is the outsourced agency in charge of these processes. You can leverage that recruitment process outsourcing as your provider handles some or all of your hiring experience by incorporating both an MSP and VMS. They can hire faster and lower costs.

Put an Agile Process in Place

“Agile” is a term used in software development based on several workplace practice values to deliver a quality product on time. It ensures customer satisfaction through simple processes and a cost reduction. You can see your MSP in the same way. Your staffing partner will work with your company to implement a hiring process that reflects your organizational needs.

Pay Close Attention to ROI

When working with your MSP, it’s essential to consider the return on investment. The goal is to provide you with a more cost-effective hiring option as the entire process is folded into one service, but you’ll still need to watch your bottom line. Your MSP will work with your budget to make realistic hiring, onboarding, and retention plans.

Choose the Right MSP Partner

So what does it look like to work with an MSP? Your provider will be responsible for your entire flexible staffing program. This can encompass temporary or contingent workers, gig or freelance workers, or independent contractors, depending on your business and the project’s scope. They will be responsible for all day-to-day tasks, including talent acquisition and reporting analytics. When selecting an MSP, you’ll want to find a partner who matches your company values and understands your mission.

Is your staffing agency interested in learning more about working with an MSP?

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