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There are so many things to consider during a pandemic like COVID-19, and most of us have never had to think about them before. Not only do you have to be concerned about the safety of your employees during this time, but also your compliance with legal standards. So how can you keep your business consistent with regulations that are changing rapidly and keep employees safe at the same time? Let’s take a closer look.  


Establish a Workplace Coordinator 

Because information changes regarding COVID-19 and business, it’s helpful to assign a person from your team as a workplace coordinator. This person can be in charge of accessing relevant information from the healthcare community and local regulations, such as mask mandates, which may impact the business. They can help communicate policy changes quickly to the entire workforce.  


Review Policies for Leaves of Absence 

In the age of COVID-19, sick leave policies need to be reviewed and addressed. If an employee is sick, they need to be encouraged to stay home. With schools also out in many places, parents need to have more flexibility to stay home with children in the event of illness. Caregiving for any family member will need to be given priority as well. Flexible hours or work from home policies may also be the best for your business.  


Look at Compensation Packages 

Now is also a good time to review your compensation packages. Of course, your employees need to be paid properly for the work they perform, but when was the last time you reviewed benefits. What does your insurance policy cover? What improvements can you make to offer more overall security to your team?  


Determine Telework Polices 

Many companies dropped everything and began working from home without any plan in place for remote working. Even if things are working out just fine, it’s always helpful to make any new policies official. Look at what is working and what isn’t and create an appropriate handbook for working from home.  


Create an Emergency Communication Plan 

There will be times during this crisis when you will need to communicate important information to all of your employees quickly. And there are often reasons why this can be difficult. That’s why you need a plan to contact the most important people and disseminate information to the team quickly.  


Maintain Legal Compliance 

Throughout all of this, you must remain compliant with federal, state, and local laws. You need to have a plan in place and regularly review these legal issues to ensure that you don’t miss something that is changed or updated as a direct result of COVID-19.  


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