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Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a business strategy where a company will outsource part or all of its recruitment functions to an external provider. It has a lot of great benefits, including the ability to spend more time focused on running the business rather than hiring and onboarding. However, some fears surround the use of RPOs. One of the most cited is the fear that using an RPO will ruin hiring for culture fit. Is this fear accurate? Here is what you should know about RPO and your company culture.

Your Solutions

One fear for many companies considering outsourced recruiting solutions is a lack of ownership over the work. But with an RPO, it’s still your solution at work. You work with your service provider to create a solution that fits your work, needs, and long-term goals. You still maintain ownership over the project and outcome, but you have a professional team on your side so you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

Your Culture

The idea of working with an RPO isn’t replacing your company culture or identity; it’s enhancing it. An RPO can be an integral part of your culture if you allow it to work with your systems and environment. For example, if your culture is about developing creative and innovative solutions, the RPO can help you focus more on development by hiring top talent.

Your Strategy

Every part of your relationship with an RPO is about developing your strategy and meeting your goals. Your provider will work with you to ensure that your hiring process is effective, that top talent is sourced, and that current employees are retained. They’ll develop the strategy with you and your company’s specific needs in mind.

Your Success

Our success is your success. We believe that it takes a team to reach our goals, which means our motivation is helping you achieve yours. An RPO is a part of your team to help you move forward, reduce your downtime, and increase employee retention and satisfaction. If we’ve done that for you, we’ve done our job well.

Is an RPO right for you?

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