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A managed service provider is an excellent resource for companies, but some organizations are still hesitant. Why? As with any industry, a few myths have become pervasive but don’t represent what an MSP is or does. So how can you tell fact from fiction? When you’re considering working with an MSP for your staffing needs, here are some of the most important things you or your client should know.

It’s Too Expensive

It’s a myth to say that MSPs are too expensive for companies to work with. In fact, companies who do work with MSPs save money over time. MPSs are typically done on a subscription model requiring payments every month or every quarter, and you only pay for the services you use. It also brings all functions under one roof, which means you’re not paying for every individual service or provider.

My Company’s Too Small

Small and medium-sized businesses also believe that they’re too small to work with an MSP. There’s a belief that the service is only available to Fortune 500 companies, but that’s not true at all. Small companies can absolutely benefit from working with an MSP, and, in fact, it helps them expand and grow their business beyond handling the same functions in-house.

MSPs are All the Same

Just like you and your competition, there is always something that sets businesses apart. The same is true for MSPs. The industry isn’t cookie-cutter, and you can choose to work with an MSP that fits your business model, long-term goals, and infrastructure. That MSPs are customizable is a massive draw to working with them, and you can have a very personalized experience.

You Won’t Know What’s Going On

Many companies feel if they outsource aspects of their business, they’ll no longer feel in control. But an MSP can be viewed as an extension of your business rather than a separate entity. You will have all the information you need at every step of the way as your MSP partners with you to ensure that your business is handed the way you want.

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