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Do you have a clear sense of where your career is headed? Many people enter an industry knowing that it doesn’t meet their expectations of what they want to do when they grow up, but it becomes difficult to get out of an industry once you’ve established competency and experience. However, it is never to take to reimagine your career and transition to something that is a better fit. All it takes is a defined career path and established benchmarks for success. Here are some ideas to implement in 2015.

How does your job fit in with your long term goals?

When was the last time you assessed your current job in comparison to what it is you want to do long term? Is this a job you took because it was offered or because you really believe in the work you’re doing? Make a list of your goals and a list of your skills and determine if you’re in the right place for this point in your life.

Ask for a promotion or offer a service not yet in place.

Far too often companies don’t offer promotions quickly enough. Do you think you have what it takes to do another job within your current company? Or do you think there is a position they have not yet thought of that would benefit the business? Put together a proposal and make your pitch.

Go back to school to learn more about your chosen field.

While you are working your current job you should be gaining knowledge about the job you really want. Go back to school or take classes after hours to get some insight on topics you feel would be most helpful to you and your career long term.

Start your own business and work temporary.

Maybe you’ve determined that working for someone else is not right for you. The market is primed for strong entrepreneurial candidates so if you have an idea you may want to strike while the iron is hot. If you need additional income while you’re boosting your own business, consider working temporary jobs in your area.

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