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Desperation is one of many red flags for recruiters and hiring managers.

It isn’t that they aren’t sympathetic toward job candidates. Many do absolutely understand the desperation that comes with a long job search and the fear of what might happen if you can’t find a job. However, desperation is a negative behavior and any negativity on the part of the job seeker concerns a hiring manager. How will you act on the job? How will you interact with other people? Will you leave the job if something better comes along?

To give yourself the best chance at a job offer, avoid negativity at all costs. Here are some ways to avoid appearing desperate to interviewers.

Do not talk about your personal finances.

The first rule of interviewing is never discuss your personal matters. Don’t talk about issues you’re having at home or financial challenges that are affecting your rent, mortgage, or bills. None of this information is relevant to your ability to do the job. In fact, they will be seen as negative because the company will be concerned that you will be distracted and unable to perform your daily job duties.

Dress professionally.

A big mistake candidates make, especially when they are feeling negative about their job search process, is to give up on the effort to dress professionally for the job. Every time you go to an interview, even a second or third with the same company, take the time to select a professional wardrobe. The only exception to this rule is if the company informs you that the interview is casual and instructs you to wear jeans. If they do, still make sure you’re neat and tidy.

Don’t apologize for your success.

Another problem job candidates have is talking about their accomplishments. This is something that many people find hard to do. We are taught not to brag so instead we follow and accomplishment with an apologetic statement or a fact that takes us down a peg. However, if you get into this habit employers are going to start recognizing a pattern and determine that you’re not serious about success.

Don’t throw former coworkers under the bus.

Lastly, when you’re discussing your previous employment with an interviewer don’t speak negatively about previous coworkers or managers. While you may have left your job because you couldn’t get along with others, the new company will be looking for your ability to be a team player and any indication that you have trouble working with others will be considered a red flag, regardless of who was at fault.

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