How To Maintain a Functional Work/Life Balance

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In a world where work-from-home has become the norm, it can be challenging to maintain a functional work/life balance. Challenging, though not impossible. A successful career does take time and dedication, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your home life for your work. If maintaining a balanced life between work and home, here are some things you can do.

What is The Best Way to Maintain a Functional Work/Life Balance?

Set a Hard Stop

The most important step you can take to maintain a functional work/life balance is to set yourself a hard stop every day. It can be easy to give yourself just a few more minutes here and there to tackle just one more project, but that can lead to more and more time without any clear boundaries. Like the office, give yourself an end time and stick to it.

Take Breaks

It’s also easy to skip breaks when you’re working from home. You figure you’re already near your computer anyway, so why not work while you eat lunch. But this can become detrimental for your mental health and work/life balance. Give yourself some time every day to stand up, stretch, and walk, so you’re not only focused on your computer screen. Take your lunch away from your desk.

Establish Boundaries

It’s also important to establish boundaries, whether working from home or in the office. It’s okay to say no when you’re plate is already full. It’s okay to have firm boundaries around particular topics or items in the workplace. You need to communicate these boundaries clearly, so people don’t take advantage of crossing them.

Create and Regularly Audit a To-Do List

To help you stay on track, create a daily to-do list. Your list should include all of the regular tasks you need to accomplish every day. It can also include what you want to achieve if you have extra time. Throughout the day, reevaluate your list and make changes as necessary. Review it and make adjustments for the next day at the end of the day.

Take Time Off

Not taking vacation time is a true epidemic in the North American workforce. Many people accrue time off but never take their vacations. This can be a considerable problem for long-term mental wellbeing. It’s okay to take your earned time off without fear of retaliation from coworkers or management.

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