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Before you step into a salary negotiation it is essential that you know how to handle the discussion. In today’s job market many job seekers are concerned about asking for more money because they are afraid they will be rejected. Jobs are competitive today but that doesn’t mean you should take the lowest offer.

When you’re asked to talk about money, keep these things in mind.

Review the numbers.

The internet is your friend when it comes to researching a company. You can look up any public information about the company’s financials. Look at whether or not the company is growing or if it has been standing still. Before you talk about money you can see if the company would be in a position to enterain your requirements.

Demonstrate your worth.

When presenting your salary information you have to back up your request with your skills and contributions. How do you add value? Be specific about the accomplishments you’ve made in past jobs. Provide positive feedback from past managers, vendors, and customers. You don’t have to share your previous salary history just be able to justify the amount you’re requesting.

Check your emotions.

Money can be an emotional subject but you can’t show it when negotiating. Don’t be confrontational or desperate. Think of the conversation from the decision maker’s point of view. If you become too emotional you won’t be able to negotiate fairly.

Practice your pitch.

Never go into a meeting without reviewing your important points ahead of time. Think about their objections and be prepared to respond to them. Practice will give you the tools you need to discuss the topic professionally an stay in control.

Ask the question.

There is a time and a place to discuss money during the hiring negotiations. Don’t talk about it in the first interview but be prepared in follow up conversations. You don’t have to wait until they bring it up. Ask them about the salary range so you know what you’re dealing with. If their number is lower than the lowest you can accept, you can either boost the negotiations or thank them for their time.