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A phone interview is a necessary component when it comes to applying for jobs. You may have an initial screening with a staffing agency or the company may want to speak with a half dozen candidates over the phone before narrowing the field. In any case, this first conversation can set the tone for the rest of your interactions, even for you to get any future face-time at all. So how can you stand out in a phone interview? Here are some quick tips that can help you today!

Eliminate Distractions

The most important thing you can do when talking on the phone to a potential employer is to not just minimize distractions but eliminate them all together. Do not take the call in a place where you will be interrupted by children, pets, or strangers. Pick a quiet room and close the door.

Be Prepared

You need to treat a phone interview just like you would a face to face meeting. Before speaking with the company or the recruiter, research the organization and find out as much as you can about the job itself, the company culture, and any other details that will help you answer the questions in a way that frame them for the specific role.

Answer Questions

Speaking of answering questions, far too often job seekers will get off track when talking on the phone with a prospective employer. They can let their mind wander, which is easier to do when you don’t see the person’s face when they’re speaking. Listen, pay attention, and address the specific questions in a succinct manner.

Ask Questions

Lastly, you also want to be sure to ask questions, but this is also where your research and preparation come in. Don’t ask questions such as, “what does your company do?” You should already know the answer to that. The questions you should ask are about the process and the next steps to indicate that you are interested in moving forward.


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