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Are you going home from college for the summer of 2015? Are you in the market for short term seasonal work? You’re in for a treat: now is the right time of year to start looking. As companies begin to plan for their business summer season they are going to be looking for new employees to fill those temporary needs. You can benefit from contacting them early. Here are some tips for finding a summer job.

Target the companies where you want to work.

With enough lead time you can focus only on the companies where you want to work rather than applying everywhere that has a now hiring sign. Do you want to get some experience in a specific industry? Do you need to have a good location? Make a list of the best companies for you and target them directly.

Review your resume and make any necessary improvements.

Now is also the time to review your resume. If you’re in school you probably don’t have a lot of detailed work experience, but there is a way to make your resume work for you. Focus on volunteer work, school programs, and the experience you’re looking for.

Network with people in your community.

Your parents’ probably have a number of contacts in your home town as do you former high school teachers and your friends’ parents. Start making connections and let everyone know when you’ll be back from school and what kind of job you’re looking for.

Apply with a local staffing agency.

Lastly, make an appointment to apply with a local staffing company. They often work with businesses that have seasonal needs and can help match you to the right job. It will also be good practice to update your resume and interview. Ask the recruiter to give you positive pointers to be successful in your search.

Looking for a Job this Summer?

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