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What happens when a hiring managers tells you that you’re overqualified for the job?

The words can be devastating so how can you overcome their objections in a positive way?

The company may not be considering all of the benefits of hiring a candidate who already possesses the right skills and experience. Your role as the job seeker is to create a strategy that will help them understand that hiring you is best for their company. Here are a few key points to consider thinking about so you can respond to their objections.

Be Firm About Your Goals

The manager might be worried that you will be unhappy in this role and looking to progress too quickly. They may even see you as a threat to their own job. Express to them that your goal is to work with the company that that you are very comfortable in the role for which they are hiring.

Be Positive About the Future

Another concern is that you may become resentful of this job too quickly. If you become disgruntled because you don’t have a big enough challenge you will not only affect your own attitude but that of the people around you. Maintain positivity about this job specifically.

Focus on Career Change

Sometimes you may apply for a job like this because you’re looking to redirect your career. A smaller organization might be a better fit for you on a personal level. You may actually want less stress in your life. Without making it seem like this will be a step down, emphasize what you really want.

Share What Makes You Unique

Is your previous experience a benefit for this new organization? Show them your accomplishments and demonstrate why they need to hire you in this role in spite of your advanced experience. Hiring managers are always interested in data that can corroborate what you’re telling them.

Work with a Recruiter

As a non-traditional employee you may benefit from working with a professional recruiter. They will be able to sell your skills and background to potential employers in a way that will convince them to consider the options. They can tap into their networks on your behalf.

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