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There are many reasons to quit a job. Some of them have nothing to do with dissatisfaction, such as relocating for a spouse’s job or other life changes. But, when your desire to quit is steeped in anger and frustration at your job, your co-workers, or your manager, it is important to avoid making any major mistakes in how you handle the situation. Burning bridges could affect your future career prospects as well as your professional reputation. Here are some important things to consider.

Address the anger properly.

When you quit, your manager and co-workers might take it personally. This can sometimes make your last two weeks very difficult. However, it is also important to understand that anger is a natural feeling when someone leaves a company. Regardless of the circumstances, there is a sense of betrayal. Try to work through these feeling with your coworkers and managers so you can leave the company on a good note.

Don’t make mistakes on social media.

If you are feeling angry about your situation avoid making any statements you might regret on social media. You may feel as though they deserve to be exposed for unjust treatment but this is simply a bad idea. Anything you write online will be available forever, even if you delete the posts. This means off the cuff comments could cause you potential legal trouble or issues finding a future job.

Understand your obligations.

Go back and read through the new hire paperwork you signed when you started your job. There are things you may be obligated to return, contribute to, or sign before your last day? You should have been provided with all of this information when you were hired but it will also be available in the employee handbook or at your HR department. If there are any instructions you’re confused about consult with an employment expert or lawyer to make sure you understand completely.

Don’t use company technology.

During your transition stay away from using your corporate email account for your job search or any non-company related business. Don’t print your resume out at the office or use the fax machine or mail room. If your management team determines you may have been violating company policy by looking for another job you may be unemployed sooner than you planned.

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