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You’ve probably heard the advice that it is a good idea to tailor your resume for each of the positions for which you’re applying. This can sound daunting when you’re submitting dozens of resume a week. However, there are a few tricks you can use to tailor your resume quickly and effectively each time you send one out. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

Utilize a Cover Letter.

Of course, the best way you can tailor your resume is not to tailor your resume at all. Far too many job seekers are ignoring the cover letter and that is a huge mistake. You can use it to express your interest in their specific position and reiterate information from your resume in a language that matches their company’s job description.

Select keywords directly from the job description.

Speaking of language, when you do update your resume to better match a position pay specific attention to the language they use. Select the keywords you think are most important directly from the job description and insert them in your resume in the appropriate places. Of course, when you do, make sure it still reads intelligently and doesn’t sound like you added unnecessary words.

Eliminate the use of an objective.

Objectives are an outdated concept that doesn’t work well in a world where tailored resume content is a seeker’s best strategy. It is far too easy to accidently leave the wrong objective on a resume. For instance, if a recruiter reads an objective that emphasizes accounting experience but it was submitted for an administrative position, they are going to disregard the resume.

Edit for content, grammar, and spelling.

And, of course, if you edit your resume each time you send it out go over it with a fine tooth comb before submitting. It is really easy to miss simple mistakes that could cost you a second glance from the resume reviewer. You want to make sure that everything is spelled correctly, especially the names of businesses, and the content is accurate for the specific job to which you’re applying.

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