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Businesses with a significant amount of contingent workers sometimes struggle to keep their temps engaged. At the same time, recruiting and managing a contingent workforce requires a time-consuming effort from the internal HR team. However, partnering with a managed service provider in staffing helps companies handle both of these critical issues.

MSPs in staffing provide services that go beyond sourcing and recruiting temporary talent. These organizations assist their clients with all aspects of contingent workforce management. One important benefit involves helping forge strong relationships between their clients and the contingent workers on their team.

Let’s examine the concept of staffing MSPs and the various benefits they provide to business clients. Use these insights to learn more about the advantages companies gain by adopting this staffing approach. You also gain a better understanding of the importance of building meaningful relationships with your temporary workers. Treating them in a similar manner as permanent employees ultimately benefits everyone.

What are an MSP’s Core Functions in Staffing?

Before we discuss the importance of relationship building with contingent workers, let’s explore the role of the staffing MSP. Once again, use this information to make an educated decision on leveraging this contingent talent management strategy. Additionally, these insights also help your decision-making process when choosing an MSP staffing vendor.

Managed staffing service providers handle all aspects of contingent workforce management for their clients. This includes recruiting talent, handling payroll, compliance with tax regulations, performance reviews, and more. Businesses with a large contingent workforce and a small HR team especially benefit from adopting this approach. It lets their management focus on internal business operations, leading to higher productivity.

Some businesses with a large contingent workforce even host a representative from the MSP onsite. This vendor on premise (VOP) model offers significant benefits and needs to be considered at some organizations. In either case, leveraging the MSP staffing strategy remains a wise option for companies using any number of temporary workers.

The Client Perspective: Building Trust and Collaboration Through Staffing MSPs

Building trust with clients remains important for any successful business. Of course, this includes B2C organizations selling directly to their customers. However, it especially makes an impact on the profitability of B2B companies. Managed service providers – no matter their specific offering – need to bend over backwards to build trust among their clients. Notably, a similar relationship exists between employers and their staff, both permanent employees and contingent workers.

If your company relies on a contingent workforce, staffing MSPs understand the importance of growing trust with your organization. They also know you also need a mutually beneficial relationship with your temporary team. This makes your staffing MSP partner a great resource for advice on this critical issue. Let’s examine these relationships in more detail.

The Importance of Trust in Client-MSP Relationships

Considering a staffing MSP effectively operates as an extension of your HR team, a meaningful MSP-Client relationship remains vital. This is especially the case for companies using a staffing MSP for contingent workforce management. Your operational efficiency, productivity, and subsequent success largely depends on an effective temporary team.

This shared responsibility becomes even more critical when hosting a representative onsite when using the VOP model. In fact, you probably need significant trust in your staffing MSP to consider adopting this approach. After all, the client representative observes everything about your company operations, potential warts and all!

How MSPs Work Closely with Clients to Understand their Needs and Culture

Even without VOP, expect to work closely with your managed staffing services provider in workforce management. When first engaging in a partnership, the MSP needs to work quickly to learn everything about your company operations. This helps them source talent able to make a productive impact as quickly as possible.

Of course, company culture plays a crucial role when onboarding workers able to fit in and become productive. This “golden rule” obviously applies to permanent employees, leading to an improved retention rate. However, it also matters for contingent workers, helping them feel truly valued. This issue highlights the importance of a staffing MSP partner understanding your culture in addition to your talent needs.

The Talent Perspective: Empowering and Supporting Candidates

A managed staffing service provider also needs to support their candidates hoping to join your contingent workforce. The best MSPs boast efficient processes for recruiting and screening talent, while providing a superior candidate experience. An effective onboarding process empowers temporary workers to hit the ground running after arriving onsite.

As highlighted earlier, we are discussing three distinct relationships. Trust between MSPs and their clients, MSPs and their candidates, and clients and their contingent workers all remain vital. So don’t overlook the importance of your MSP supporting candidates throughout the staffing process.

The Role of MSPs in Providing Opportunities and Support for Talent

Remember, even though contingent talent works onsite at your business, they remain employees of your staffing MSP. The best MSPs offer their talent consistent work opportunities, including with your business. Additionally, they also provide significant professional development opportunities, providing the skills they need to thrive.

They also support their workers in a similar manner as your own HR team and employees. Payroll, compliance with tax regulations, benefits, and PTO are all handled by the MSP. Once again, this approach frees your HR team to support your staff.

How MSPs Facilitate Communication and Transparency Throughout the Hiring Process

The best staffing MSPs also boast a transparent staffing process, highlighted by open communication. This approach ultimately contributes to providing contingent workers with the specific skills and experience your business needs. Simply stated, an exceptional candidate experience during the staffing process leads to productive contingent workers.

Strategies for Building Strong Relationships Between Client and Talent

Here’s a few useful tips for building meaningful relationships with your business’s contingent workforce. While they aren’t your actual employees, they still contribute to your success. Leverage these ideas for a more effective temporary workforce.

Clear Communication Channels while Setting Expectations

You need to set clear performance expectations for each contingent worker on your team. Providing them with actionable and achievable goals definitely helps in this regard. Ensure your managers also keep an open communication policy, keeping your contingent team fully engaged.

Of course, using the VOP approach places an MSP rep onsite with your business. This definitely keeps your contingent workforce productive and valuable to your operations.

Regular Feedback Loops and Performance Evaluations

Offering actionable feedback to your contingent workforce also remains critical. Don’t let any problems fester, potentially causing even bigger issues. Timely feedback ensures your contingent workers stay confident, leading to higher productivity levels. Once again, an onsite rep helps manage these real-time performance evaluations, highlighting another benefit of the VOP model.

Tailoring Solutions to Meet the Unique Needs of Each Client and Candidate

The best staffing MSPs boast experience with a wide variety of clients across multiple business sectors. It provides the domain knowledge to craft staffing solutions that meet the needs of their clients, offering significant scalability. At the same time, they keep their contingent talent engaged by placing them on assignments where they make the most impact. These capabilities enhance their ability to build strong relationships with both their clients and employees.

The Impact of Strong Client-Talent Relationships

Forging meaningful relationships with your contingent workforce also provides significant benefits to your organization. Additionally, staffing MSPs ultimately want to engender trust between their clients and the contingent talent they provide. It boosts the MSP’s reputation, improves their bottom line, and help them attract new clients.

Increased Retention Rates and Contingent Worker Satisfaction for Clients

While retention typically focuses on your own employees, you also want to retain your contingent talent. Treating your temporary staff in a similar manner as your own employees helps build trust. As a result, expect to improve your retention rate and the engagement level of your temp workforce. It offers an opportunity to truly build an effective business with a strong culture.

Greater Career Advancement Opportunities and Job Satisfaction for Talent

Contingent professionals also want to build rewarding careers with meaningful professional development opportunities. Working onsite where they contribute to their client’s success serves to boost their job satisfaction. A strong relationship between your business and its staffing MSP helps contingent workers truly build rewarding careers. Benefits abound for your business, your MSP partner, and their employees working on your team.

Long-Term Benefits for MSPs Regarding Client Loyalty and Reputation

Of course, any MSP in staffing depends on satisfied clients to grow their business. Once again, quickly providing you contingent talent making a positive impact boosts their reputation in the marketplace. Expect your staffing MSP partner to strive to meet your needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Foster Better Relations with an MSP in Staffing Today

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