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Do you want to increase your project efficiency this year? Do you have specific projects that need to be completed within in a certain time frame? If so, you may be looking at either managed services or staff augmentation to ensure the work is completed within the right guidelines and everyone is satisfied with the outcome. But how do you know the difference between managed services and staff augmentation and which would be right for you? Here are three tips to a better understanding of the processes.

  1. Decreased costs vs. defined outcomes.

    Working with a staffing agency providing augmentation will allow you to budget your project very specifically. You pay the service the cost of the placement and the service handles all the additional processes such as payroll, potential benefits, or other employee-related costs. These may be built into your price, but it will be cheaper overall as things won’t tend to accumulate. With a managed services approach, you’re paying by the project rather than by the individual so you can be assured that the expectations that you discussed at the beginning of the project will be adhered to for the final outcome.

  2. Flexibility vs. accountability.

    When it comes to augmentation, you’ll find that you can be flexible on the schedule if aspects of your project or business require it. You can hire more people for shorter terms when necessary and scale back when demand is not necessary. With a managed services approach, the outsourced company will assume all responsibility for the specific project and will meet your stated objectives and be accountable for the project being completed on time and to your specifications.

  3. Low impact vs. knowledge sharing.

    An augmented staff can be added or removed from your workforce depending on need without impacting your permanent staff or the project at hand. Their presence will also not change the way you handle the normal course of business activity in that department. With a managed services approach, your outsourced team will be able to conduct the project, gain related knowledge, and pass that on to your current team to ensure that no information is lost throughout the process.

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