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What is a Vendor on Premise or Onsite Staffing Program?

Staffing firms usually provide services through independent branch offices. These branch offices can easily supply temporary workers to fill jobs for organizations who have a low or medium need for staffing services. However, when an organization requires a high volume of contingent workers, service delivery becomes more complex and can overwhelm a branch office. 

Vendor on premise staffing (also called onsite staffing) makes contingent workforce management easier. Some industries, such as manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and logistics, employ thousands of workers. During peak season, they may need to hire thousands more contingent workers to keep up with business demand. In vendor on premise (VOP) staffing, your staffing partner embeds a workforce manager (or a workforce management team) onsite at your company to manage talent acquisition, create efficiencies, and measure the overall effectiveness of their staffing program. 

The VOP team acts as an extension of your HR department dedicated to overseeing your temporary workers, proactively solving problems and freeing your internal team to focus on the needs of full-time employees and other core business functions.  

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4 Ways Vendor on Premise Staffing Improves Contingent Workforce Flow

Vendor on premise staffing programs have many advantages for companies who require a high volume of contingent workers.  


#1 Vendor on Premise Programs Handle Payrolling Expenses

Payroll can be incredibly time-consuming for organizations employing many temporary workers. Your VOP provider will handle contingent workforce staffing payroll, removing that burden from your HR department. In addition, they will maintain records and issue accurate bills, further easing the strain on your resources. 


#2 Onsite Staffing Services Reduce Time-to-Fill

Your VOP provider won’t wait until you ask them to fill a role to begin recruiting for a position. They will continuously recruit for all positions at your organization, ensuring a large pool of qualified and screened candidates ready to work for your company. Only candidates who match your requirements will remain under consideration, further reducing your time-to-fill. 

How else can vendor on premise staffing programs improve efficiency for your company? 

  • Real-time staffing. When you work with a VOP, your staffing needs are assessed daily—if not hourly. Large companies that must remain fully staffed to be maximally productive can’t afford to let roles go unfilled for long. Having a manager onsite to quickly adjust staffing improves productivity and efficiency for your company. As part of their onsite staffing services, they will continuously monitor your staffing needs to proactively fill positions and avoid down time. 
  • Optimized scheduling. Your onsite contingent workforce management team will handle employee scheduling, ensuring that all departments needing temporary workers are optimally staffed. They will also make sure shifts are covered for expected—and unexpected—absences. 
  • Workforce scaling. When demand increases, your onsite manager will adjust staffing levels to meet demand—and decrease staffing levels as needed to balance profitability with productivity. 
  • Performance analytics. Vendor on premise staffing programs include reporting analytics to help quantify your spend, increase ROI, and forecast labor needs. Your VOP team will use detailed metrics to ensure the program is delivering results and make the necessary changes to optimize efficiency. 

Does your organization hire a large number of contingent workers? Anserteam’s contingent workforce staffing program offers the highest level of integration for high-volume locations. Our onsite teams handle each step of the employment process, working seamlessly with your internal employees to improve productivity and profitability. Our partners have seen as much as a 76% reduction in time-to-fill orders! Schedule a consultation today. 


#3 Vendor On Premise Staffing Improves Job Site Safety

Your onsite staffing provider becomes your partner in ensuring safety for all workers. They will provide training, orientation, and onboarding customized to your job site, ensuring all workers understand and prioritize safe work habits. Safety should remain top-of-mind with all employees. Having an onsite coordinator to ensure safety compliance can greatly improve job site safety for your organization. 


#4 Contingent Workforce is Trained by the Vendor on Premise

Effective training and onboarding are critical to the success of your business. When you employ onsite staffing services, your VOP team will handle onboarding and training for your contingent workforce. This can have many benefits for your organization, including: 

  • Standardized training. Your VOP team will not only recruit candidates with qualities that will help them excel in your organization, but they will also train your new hires. By partnering with a VOP, you ensure a consistent, high-quality onboarding experience that will help each worker reach full productivity as quickly as possible without straining your internal resources. 
  • Improved communication. Your onsite team will quickly communicate all changes in policies and procedures to your contingent workforce. 
  • Timely feedback. Temporary employees will receive timely feedback to help them improve their job performance. 
  • Consistent employee reviews. Employee reviews are crucial to employee satisfaction and development. Your VOP team will complete timely employee reviews, providing valuable information to you and your employees. 
  • Reduced compliance risks. Your contingent workforce management team will support your safety and improve compliance by communicating all safety information to your temporary employees. 


Turn to Anserteam for Contingent Workforce Solutions

Are you looking for vendor on premise staffing services that really work? Since 2004, we’ve helped companies reduce costs, mitigate risk, and optimize contingent workforce management across all industries. Our onsite team will collaborate with your internal team to seamlessly incorporate efficient contingent labor throughout your organization. 

We customize our vendor on premise staffing services to meet your unique challenges and analyze results to continuously improve our service delivery. As a member of your team, we’ll become your trusted staffing partner, working hand-in-hand with your internal employees to support your business. Ready to see results? Let’s team up!