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We did it! After a year of challenges, we’ve finally welcomed 2021. While we’re aren’t out of the woods entirely, a simple change in mindset may be all that’s needed to reinvigorate your team to find new energy and move forward. What can you do to get your team excited for good things to come and the change that we hope to see in the workplace this year? Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Host a Kick-Off Meeting 

Meetings aren’t always motivating unless they are. And a fun kickoff meeting at the beginning of the year may be just the thing to get your team in the zone for the New Year. While you may need to do this meeting virtually in 2021, you can still make it fun and exciting. For example, you can send goodie baskets to all of your staff featuring treats and company swag, so they have it in time for the kickoff meeting. Offer virtual entertainment and discuss the goals for the company.  

Ask for Employee Input  

Employees want to have a say in the work they do. This is why you need to encourage them to provide input about upcoming goals, projects, and day to day tasks. Find out what your employees like and don’t like. You can do this by a survey. Once you have the results, make the improvements to help people remember why they love what they do and wanted to work for your company in the first place.  

Celebrate Small Victories 

You don’t have to only celebrate the big things. Small celebrations can be very motivational. Gratitude goes a long way, so be sure to thank your employees regularly. But you can take this one step further and host small celebratory meetings, inperson or virtual, to thank people for their contribution to success. Or you can take this opportunity to send your team small gifts of your gratitude.  

Share Decision Making Roles 

Beyond input and celebrations, your team will also feel invested in your company if they’re allowed to share in decision making. Providing more autonomy in their daily job also means you don’t have to micromanage their work and shows that you trust them to do the job you hired them to do as competent and qualified employees 

Focus on Career Satisfaction  

Employer surveys over the last several years have demonstrated that employees, especially people in the younger generations, are very invested in their career satisfaction. They are unlikely to stay in a job where they feel stuck, dissatisfied, or unappreciated. Focus on the employee experience, so you maintain positive relationships with your team. They are your most valuable resources.  

How will you empower your team in 2021?  

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