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Compliance is always a big deal in terms of employment. But that doesn’t mean it has to be all-consuming; there are many ways to increase compliance in the workplace, including having a vendor on-premise. Here are just 5 ways your team can stay up to date with changing compliance regulations when things change rapidly in all industries.

Follow Agency Websites and Social Media

To stay compliant with local, state, or federal compliance regulations, it’s helpful to follow the websites and social media of the agencies that provide oversight. In some cases, it will also help to follow the social media pages of specific industry agencies that govern these changes in compliance. Since we are all on social media anyway, it can be helpful to use some of that time to gain insight into issues that will impact your business.

Subscribe to Newsletters

To ensure that you’re getting the most up-to-date information, subscribe to blogs or email newsletters. This way, the information is coming straight to your inbox, and you can review it at your leisure to understand any updates in compliance. You can sort these items into an email folder, so they don’t clutter your inbox, and you can read them at your own pace.

Join Associations for Your Industry

Industry associations are also an important way to get new and updated information about compliance in your field. Many will host seminars or webinars whenever big changes are made to communicate to members. In 2021, expect a lot of these meetings and events to be held virtually, which some people see as an advantage. You can attend meetings from your own office or at-home workspace.

Use Compliance Software

Many industries are also making use of software solutions to ensure compliance. Compliance management software consolidates and automates related processes, files, and communication regarding the need to adhere to standards established by the government or specific industry. Employing compliance software will streamline this process.

Work with a Vendor on Premise

Partnering with experts will also give you the advantage you need to stay compliant in your industry. Many companies rely on VoP or vendor on-premise. Especially in terms of your workforce, having an expert on-site to ensure that contingent workers remain safe and compliant will help take a lot of the pressure off your internal management structure.

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