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Though “Boss” and “Leader” are often used interchangeably, their meanings differ. When people complain about workplace management, they usually refer to a boss, not a leader. Bosses are seen as out of touch, demanding, and ineffective, while employees can rely on leaders for encouragement, feedback, and solutions. Leaders are generally seen as positive and beneficial, while bosses are often burdensome. But knowing the difference and creating a positive leadership culture in your business is critical. Here’s how to make a more significant impact in leadership.

Differentiating a Boss vs. a Leader

Be Open to New Ideas

A boss is often seen as someone inflexible to new ideas. They don’t believe anyone knows how to do anything as well as they can. They need to be open to new ideas that breed innovation from the team and motivate everyone to perform at the top of their potential.

Make Room for Two-Way Communication

Bad bosses frequently have a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality. They don’t allow room for exchanging ideas, especially feedback on their performance. But leaders are always open to their team’s thoughts, ideas, and feedback. And more importantly, they will use this feedback to make improvements.

Be Encouraging and Motivating

Bosses rule with an iron fist. They believe that bullying and yelling will get the job done faster. But a leader is encouraging and motivating, not demotivating. They create a culture of gratitude that provides the positive reinforcement that most people want to encourage them to do better than they did the day before.

Empower Your Team

Micromanagement is a hallmark of a bad boss. It means you oversee every aspect of what your team does with a critical eye, often threatening to take over the project if it’s not done the way you want it done. On the other hand, leaders empower their teams. Everyone hired has expertise and experience that should be respected and tapped into. Focus on the results, not the steps.

Be Accountable

While bosses have a penchant for taking credit for others’ work, they will also be the first to throw their team under the bus when things don’t go according to plan. A leader will be responsible for the overall work and accountable to their managers and employees. They will work with everyone to find an equitable solution.

Start Your Journey to Better Leadership

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