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There are a lot of things that make a staffing agency successful. It is equal parts employees, recruiters, and clients. If any one of these aspects is unstable, it could unravel any knot you have to success. Building relationships throughout these areas of your business is the key to remaining viable in the marketplace. Like any relationship, this takes work. So how can you build staffing relationships that last? Here’s how.

Do you want to avoid being a bother?

Clients say a lot of things. And telling agencies not to worry about coming around all the time is one of them. Sometimes it’s followed by, “We’ll let you know when we need something.” But, the truth is, clients don’t operate like that. When they do have a need, it is usually immediate and urgent, and so when they pick up the phone they’re going to call the last person they talked to. So if you stop showing up or sending quick emails, they will call the person who has continued to do that. You’re not being a bother, you’re doing your job.

Is no news really good news?

Another common misconception that happens in the staffing industry is “no news is good news.” After you place an employee, you probably do weekly check-ins with the manager. Sometimes they don’t respond, but you can’t assume that no news is good news. There are a lot of reasons they won’t answer, and being frustrated by an employee or upset by your service can easily be one of them. Don’t take no news as an appropriate answer, continue to check back.

Are you afraid of leaving your comfort zone?

The biggest obstacle when it comes to client management is getting out of our own heads. We tell ourselves that we wouldn’t want to be bothered. We tell ourselves that we’re being overly aggressive. But the truth is we aren’t always being aggressive enough. There is a fine line, but walking it is critical for success in staffing.

Can you have creative solutions?

But it doesn’t always have to feel like a chore to walk in and out of each of your client’s offices every month. In fact, there are many ways you can make it a fun and exciting event for everyone. Consider having a customer care program where your recruiting staff also has a chance to get out of the office and visit clients. Visit during the holiday and bring goodies that have a theme. This can keep you at the top of your clients’ minds but not feel pushy.

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