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Every company should be re-evaluating their workforce needs in a post-COVID world.  If you scaled-down to get through the shelter-in-place orders, how do you scale back up responsibly?  Or did you scale up massively to keep up with demand for “essential” services and now your program is fragmented and inefficient?  Partnering with an MSP to manage your contingent labor can help your company succeed, if you’re using it the right way.  Consider these questions as you evaluate your staffing program:

  • Is Your Workforce Flexible?

Flexibility is the name of the game for those interested in working with the contingent labor force.  Have access to great talent when you need it and for how long you need it without a long-term commitment.  Temp-to-Hire programs allow you to convert your best performers without recruiting, onboarding or training costs.

  • What Are the Day to Day Costs?

While your company will pay the staffing provider a fee for the services of your contingent workers, all recruiting, screening and onboarding costs are absorbed by the agency. They will handle all of the sourcing and prescreening processes. Your staffing agency will also take care of employment costs like benefits, paid time off and payroll taxes, saving you money in the long run.

  • How Quickly Do You Need Feet in the Door?

Working with an MSP gives you access to multiple staffing agencies who can supply qualified workers quickly when you need them. If you see a project is in need of additional hours to ensure its success, there may be a significant benefit to working with a contingent workforce rather than hiring more internal employees or expecting your current staff to put in the overtime.

  • Could a Specialized Expert Help?

There also may be instances where you’re in need of very specialized skills on incredibly short notice. Your staffing partner can work with you to find someone with the right background who can step into the role quickly and help get your company through the hump before moving on to their next assignment.

  • Are You Managing Multiple Staffing Agency Contracts?

If you are getting bogged down with the task of managing multiple staffing agency contracts, each with their own rates, unique processes and billing procedures, an MSP program like Anserteam’s can help immensely.  With Anserteam you have access to a robust network of staffing suppliers, but they will operate together under one contract, one pricing model and be billed under one invoice – saving you time and money along the way.

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