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Hiring is a complex dance that requires the alignment of multiple moving parts. That doesn’t make it impossible, but it can make it difficult and sometimes frustrating. Often, the need for a new employee is preceded by a problem without a solution, so the best way to approach hiring is often with a problem-solving mindset. So, how can a company work on solving these pain points for hiring in their business? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Improving the time to hire.

    One of the biggest challenges a hiring manager will have is the time between the vacancy and the new start. This period represents lost production and revenue, no matter how short. Even the time to train and get a new employee up to speed is costly and time-consuming. If you can improve the time to hire, everyone will be better off for it.

  • Understanding situational behavior.

    When working with a hiring manager to find a new employee, you need to demonstrate how a candidate will fit into the job and company culture. The best way to do that is to ask potential candidates behavioral interview questions to assess how they would react when certain situations arose.

  • Focusing on employer branding.

    Branding has become one of the most essential aspects of company outreach. Today, more people make purchasing decisions based on recommendations from friends on Facebook than just about any other method. The same will be true for attracting people to work with your company. Make sure your social media outreach is on point.

  • Incorporating technology.

    The same can be said for utilizing technology in your hiring methods. Making it easy to apply online will be critical. Many adults only access the internet through their phones, so online applications have to be easy to use and in a mobile format. Too many steps and you’ll scare off even the most qualified candidates.

  • Reaching all potential candidates.

    It also helps to cast a wide net and narrow down the choices to the most qualified before they’re presented to the hiring manager. To do this, utilize all methods of community outreach to find candidates online, in the community, and through other local resources.

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