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You may not think your business needs to outsource your payroll processing. Maybe you’re a small organization. Or maybe you already have people handling your payroll each week. But a payroll service can provide more than just paychecks. It can also provide peace of mind. What exactly can payroll services do for your business? Let’s take a look.

  • Evaluate the complexity of job costs.

    Products and services have very different job cost needs and they will be calculated differently based on the role of everyone, their contribution and the outcome. With that in mind, those reports can be time-consuming and difficult to generate without the right technology. A payroll service can do that.

  • Understand the rules in multiple locations.

    If you are conducting business or employing individuals throughout the country or even internationally, the different taxes and employment rules can be overwhelming. A payroll service can prepare for that and make the process smooth and simple.

  • Calculate tricky withholding amounts.

    Withholdings aren’t always cut and dry either. You need to make sure you’re determining the federal taxes based on the W-4. What makes this complicated is the employee can change that as often as they like. State withholding and FICA also need to be calculated. And you must ensure when each employee meets their social security cap, the withholdings are adjusted.

  • Track important deadlines for financial figures.

    There are multiple deadlines for tax payments and reporting. These include federal and state, FICA taxes, unemployment, workers’ compensation, state payroll and other withholdings or payments. But you have other things to worry about, such as running your company. A payroll service can handle this so you don’t have to.

  • Provide expert payroll support at all levels.

    A payroll service also has the expertise to help you at any time for any reason when it comes to payroll support. They can be your complete payroll solution and handle the entire process from start to finish. Or you can work with a payroll service to have a self-service payroll experience and maintain some level of control if necessary for your peace of mind or business reasons.

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