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Engaging your employees is the number one task of management. Some might think it’s productivity or customer service, but neither of those will be effective or efficient if employees are not satisfied with their job and the company they work with. How can you be sure to develop great professional relationships in your workplace between management and employees as well as between co-workers? Here are five actions you can take today.

  1. Personal expression.

    There have been a variety of management techniques over the years that encourage a lean and austere environment for your employees. But this doesn’t create a sense of community, rather just a workplace that values faceless automatons. Don’t be that kind of manager. Allow for your team to have personal expression whether that’s in the way they dress, within the dress code of course, or with items to decorate their work space.

  2. Culture of gratitude.

    Another idea that is really gaining ground in the workplace is gratitude. It sounds obvious, but so often management had the sense that employees should do what is expected without any expectations from management. But gratitude is about so much more than just saying thank you. It creates a sense of well-being in the office and improves performance.

  3. Meaningful work.

    Your employees also want to know their contribution has meaning. What are they working toward? What does it mean in the bigger picture? Not just in your company, but in the world at large. Providing context for the work your company does, whether big or small, gives employees a sense of place and a sense of purpose.

  4. Regular feedback.

    It’s not uncommon for managers to focus on the aspects of performance that need improvement. And while this is certainly important, it is equally critical for you to provide positive feedback as well. Make sure you provide gentle correction as soon as its needed so situations don’t snowball, but also make sure you’re telling someone when they’re doing great as well.

  5. Connection and support.

    Finally, your employees need to know you have their backs. They want to feel supported not just in their job, which is essential for doing quality work, but also in their lives. They want to know they matter as people not just a replaceable pieces of machinery. Provide support for their hours, their personal lives, and whatever will make them more engaged at work.

Do you want to build more meaningful relationships in your company?

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