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Businesses increasingly leverage a contingent workforce strategy to add a measure of flexibility to its staffing efforts. Engaging temporary professionals in this manner lets a company right-size its staff based on the current project load. Adopting this approach provides many benefits, especially when it comes to optimizing the organization’s hiring budgets and salary spend. Significant cost savings abound.

Still, successful contingent workforce management becomes difficult in a challenging job market. Sometimes, finding the talented professionals willing to work on a temporary basis strains the resources of your HR team. In this scenario, partnering with an experienced managed staffing services provider makes perfect sense.

If you are curious about the myriad benefits gained by partnering with a MSP in staffing, read further. We cover how a staffing MSP works with your HR team to optimize your organization’s contingent workforce planning. Use this information to ensure your company never lacks the talent it needs at the most critical time.


Contingent Workforce Management is Made Easier with an MSP in Staffing

Ultimately, working with a staffing MSP makes adopting a contingent workforce approach easier for your organization. This is especially the case if your company lacks a large HR team. As a result, your HR staff is able to focus on more critical tasks, especially those related to permanent employees.

Additionally, if your business recently decided to use contingent workers, a partnership with a staffing MSP helps this adoption. After all, your HR manager might not be completely familiar with some of the subtleties of this staffing strategy. Having a trusted partner to help your business ensures you get the most out of your hiring budget.

Now, let’s look more closely at a few of significant benefits gained from working with a managed staffing provider. Use this information as food for thought when crafting your contingent staffing plans for the rest of the year.


MSPs Provide Visibility into Your Contingent Workforce Program

After first implementing a contingent workforce program, understanding its overall impact becomes critical. If your HR team is new to the practice, they might not know the best metrics for tracking performance. It’s a situation resulting in your company flying blind when it comes to contingent staffing.

An experienced managed staffing provider provides significant visibility into your contingent workforce. The best firms leverage critical metrics to help your company measure overall performance. These include critical items like spend level, time to fill, placement quality, and organizational productivity.


Managed Staffing Services Reduce Risk

Engaging your staffing process to hire a permanent employee remains a costly process fraught with risk. Not surprisingly, sourcing contingent workers without a staffing MSP involves a similar level of uncertainty. You don’t want a situation when a poor contingent hire lowers the productivity of your business. Additionally, your region might have unique laws and tax regulations surrounding the use of contingent workers.

Partnering with an MSP in staffing helps to mitigate a significant portion of this risk. Experienced managed staffing providers specializing in contingent workforces help your company remain in compliance. They ensure every worker they provide your organization is properly classified, preventing fines, back taxes, and other penalties.

Along with regulatory compliance, staffing MSPs also closely vet all contingent candidates. This ensure anyone they place has the skills and experience your business needs. They also understand your organizational culture, resulting in candidates making a great fit on your team.


Access Top Contingent Workers with a Staffing MSP

Finding that “needle in the haystack” talent remains difficult for businesses, either permanent or contingent. In certain high demand fields, your company likely pays a premium in salary and benefits to make a permanent hire. It’s one situation leading companies to adopt a contingent staffing approach in the first place.

Simply stated, a partnership with a top-shelf MSP in staffing provides access to the best contingent workers. This is especially the case when sourcing those in-demand technology professionals to foster your company’s digital transformation. The best staffing MSPs optimize the talent supply chain for your business. It’s an approach ensuring your organization never suffers from a skills gap in IT or other critical areas.


Staffing MSPs Improve Flexibility of Contingent Workforce

One of the main reasons businesses leverage a contingent staffing approach involves its significant flexibility. Your company gains the ability to quickly add talent when necessary, without the extra expenses once crunch time ends. It helps businesses become more productive, and obviously more profitable.

Additionally, partnering with a staffing MSP focused on contingent workers makes your company operations even more flexible. It provides that essential business agility allowing your company to react to any new opportunities or a changing market with high velocity. This approach lets you quickly scale staff up or down as necessary. Expect more efficient operations as a result of adopting a contingent workforce and engaging an MSP in staffing.


Using an MSP for Contingent Workforce Staffing is Cost-Effective

As highlighted earlier, teaming with a managed staffing services provider ultimately helps your company save money. Obviously, improving the efficiency of your operations, increasing productivity, reduces expenses throughout your firm. We already covered how simply adopting a contingent workforce strategy reduces your staffing expenses. When combining that approach with using a managed service provider focused on finding contingent talent, the benefits greatly increase.

The best staffing MSPs boast well-honed processes for finding and vetting talent. At the same time, they leverage the latest technology in applicant tracking and vendor management systems. This technical focus improves the MSP’s efficiency when identifying the contingent professionals your business needs. It ultimately allows them to find talent for your business more inexpensively compared to sourcing contingent workers in-house. Simply put, it’s the most cost-effective staffing approach for your business.


What to Look for in an MSP Staffing Company

Finding the right managed staffing services provider for your business requires a detailed process and a discerning approach. In fact, expect an effort somewhat similar when sourcing permanent hires for your business, especially talent at the executive level. Involve your company’s top leadership, including your HR managers, in this task to ensure a thorough process.

Research each potential partner in detail, paying close attention to their history and client list. Also reach out to your professional network to see if any colleagues have any insights on the best staffing MSPs. Connect with leadership from your top MSP candidates to receive each organization’s sales pitch. Leverage a rating system to make it easier to compare the various MSPs and their offerings.

Once this process completes, get your entire team together to analyze your findings. Ultimately, when deciding between two potential staffing MSPs, your company wants to make the right final decision. So let’s take a closer look at a few other capabilities to look for in any staffing MSP partner.


Full-Range of Contingent Staffing Services

Your business ultimately wants an MSP partner that offers a full range of contingent staffing services. Of course, all providers on your list offer basic staffing services, helping you quickly find qualified candidates. However, the best staffing MSPs also include payroll services, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and more.

Use analyzing each MSP’s service offerings as a critical data point when searching for a partner. Match the capabilities your business needs with what each staffing MSP provides. This helps inform your ultimate decision, ensuring the right choice.


Look for a Staffing MSP with a Strong Strategic Alliance

Managed staffing service providers typically work with a variety of vendors to increase the range of candidates they offer. So look for an organization with strong strategic alliances among their vendors. Technology also plays a role, so find out about their usage of top-shelf vendor management systems (VMS).

You also want MSPs with long-lasting partnerships with business clients within your industry. If your company hopes to foster a partnership with a staffing MSP, finding evidence of similar relationships becomes critical. If possible, reach out to the leadership within these clients for their opinion on the MSP.


Look for an MSP that Provides Contingent Staffing in Your Industry

Additionally, you want a staffing MSP partner with a significant background providing contingent workers with your business sector. This background ensures they fully understand your specific staffing needs as well as the necessary skills and experience. Award bonus points if a potential MSP boasts leadership also with experience in your business sector.

Of course, partnering with an MSP in staffing with relevant industry experience helps your contingent workforce management efforts. However, it also helps your business stay in compliance with any laws and regulations specific to that industry sector. This remains another important factor when choosing a managed staffing services partner.


Find Contingent Workforce Solutions with the Top Staffing MSP in the Nation

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