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What is staff augmentation? Is this something that could help your business grow. Over the next few months, things will be changing rapidly for companies, and utilizing staff augmentation could be a great way to increase production. There are some things you should know about staff augmentation and what it could mean for your business. Let’s take a closer look.  


What is Staff Augmentation? 

Staff augmentation is an outsourced hiring strategy that companies will turn to when they have a project that may be outside the norm of what their current staff typically handles. It starts by taking a look at the skills the existing team already contribute and determining what additional skills are required.  


What is the Difference Between Staff Augmentation and Contingent Workers? 

While there may occasionally be overlap between individuals who will fill these roles, contingent work is also called contract work or even casual work. A contingent workforce is made up of non-permanent employees often on a short-term or even gig basis.  


What Do Companies Need to Know? 

There are three general types of staff augmentation, depending on your specific business needs. They are:  

    1. Commodity: Reliable workers who don’t need specific skills such as additional warehouse help, manual labor, and events.  
    1. Skill-based: Workers with some skills but not necessarily experts such as clerical support or data processing.  
    1. Highly-Skilled: These are employees who bring a lot to the table to help on a short-term need-based basis, including technology-based jobs, graphic design, or even lawyers specializing in contract drafting.  


Partner with a Leader in Staffing 

Because of the full range of types of staff augmentation, it’s helpful to partner with a leader in staffing. A service provider specializing in placing various types of contingent workers and even providing a variety of management solutions will be able to work with you for the perfect project fit.  


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