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It isn’t a secret that there are a lot of very talented recruiters out there. But you probably want to be sure that you and your agency are positioned to be the preferred service for potential clients and candidates. How do you stay above the noise and ensure that you become the top recruiter for your area and industry? Here are some ideas to help you reach the right client and candidate base and succeed in your market.

  • Stay focused.

While it may sound counter-intuitive, focusing on one industry will help you drive more business than trying to be diverse enough to place every type of position that comes across your desk. Why? If you and your staff can focus your time on recruiting just one category of professionals, you’ll be less thinly spread. You can become involved in the industry community and be able to find and place higher quality people for your clients.

  • Use diverse tools.

Recruiting can start to feel like a rut. You receive a request from your client, you source resumes from job boards, you call candidates, and you submit resumes. Then you do it all again. But expanding your reach to broader search options will help you find better candidates overall. Don’t just focus on one job board. Use local networking, social media, and referrals to help you find candidates with the right skills.

  • Keep in touch.

Even if you aren’t currently working on an open order, stay in touch with your current clients. While a strong sales department and new clients will grow your business, staying on contact with those you’ve done business with in the past is critical for the health of your company. You don’t have to constantly call them, but be sure to stay in touch through social media or by sending them information that will benefit their business.

  • Know your audience.

By the same token, you should also know your audience. Some of your clients will be very open to regular, more social, interaction. They might like to be taken out regularly for business lunches or love those birthday cards. Others are less inclined to react positively to these touches. You can’t have a one-size-fits-all solution for connecting with your customers. Personalize it every time.

How can you position yourself as a top agency in your area and industry?

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