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You may have heard the term Managed Service Provider” referring to information technology, but the concept covers a lot more groundFor employment, an MSP is a business arrangement that allows you to outsource your contingent workforce. In many cases, you will partner with a sole provider who will be responsible for the entire life cycle of contractors on assignment. An MSP means that you can save money, increase compliance, reduce risk, and tap into top talent previously unavailable to you. Here are a few ways an MSP works to attract top talent. 

Cultivated Network of Trained Professionals 

If you handle recruiting in-house, whats that process? In most cases, you need to create a job description and post it online with job boards or social media. After that, you may receive hundreds of resumes that will take time to review. You narrow it down to a few candidates to screen over the phone and set up interviews with the top 3 or 5. Does that sound familiar. Once you make a decision, the offer happens, and you make onboarding plans. But that process is timeconsuming, which means it’s also costly. When you work with an MSP, they already have a network of trained and experienced individuals to pull from to match your specific needs. They will handle the pre-screening process and, in many cases, even the onboarding.  

Managed Expectations for Assignments 

Whether the expectations are your own or those of the contractors reporting for their assignment, the entire experience will be handled by your MSP partner. While you will certainly be able to integrate the talent into your existing workforce, you don’t have to feel intimidated by the day-to-day minutia of managing a team of contractors through a project all on your own.  

The Ability to Hire from the Talent Pool 

Of course, there are plenty of long term benefits to consider. When you bring contractors on for a project through an MSP, they don’t exist in a bubble. You’ll be able to see how everyone works independently as well as on your team. This means you have a new pool of potential permanent candidates to add to your employee roster. When you gel with a contractor, talk to your MSP about converting them onto your employee payroll.  

Maintain Your Company Culture and Branding 

Many people are concerned that working with an MSP will take away from your company’s values, mission, or branding. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The MSP partners with your company specifically and will create customized hiring solutions that match your needs and company culture. They will be able to hire individuals who are a good match, not just for the project but possibly for the long term.  

Is a managed service provider right for you? 

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