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Major changes in the workforce are impacting business in ways that may not have been perceived even just a few years ago. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in the contingent workforce. There are ways to organize this new paradigm.

A vendor management system (VMS)  is one amazing solution that can benefit many companies. But what exactly does a vendor management system do? Here are a few impactful ways to explain VMS to potential clients.

Manage Your Contingent Workforce

With so many companies utilizing on-demand employees for a variety of tasks and projects, it’s helpful to have one spot to stay organized. A VMS allows you to keep track of every person on every project, and ensure you’re meeting all requirements for the job.

Initiate Project or People Requests

You can also use your VMS to initiate requests for new contingent staff, or even to start a new project. Management and organization is often the key to success, and a VMS can help you maintain your processes and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Onboarding and Offboardoing Processes

As projects start and end, you also need a way to manage those processes. When new contingent workers start an assignment, how do you orient them to the job? And when they leave, how do you ensure they’ve tied up all loose ends. A VMS can help standardize your system.

Timecard and Payroll Prompts

You can also allow your VMS to control the most important aspect of any human capital project. Payroll is essential, so don’t miss a single pay period when you use your VMS to prompt your on-demand workforce to get their timecards approved and submitted to the payroll team.

Reporting and Analytics

Finally, a VMS can provide you with a ton of data to help streamline your business and ensure success in ever endeavor. You can track everything from project completion times, budgets, hours, individual milestones, and more through your VMS. This will help when determining other business needs down the line.


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