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Have you ever had a situation where a necessary employee didn’t show up for their workday? These situations can be frustrating, as well as costly. According to the CDC, absenteeism costs US companies $225.8 billion annually. Broken down, that’s $1,685 per employee. There is lost productivity and lost revenue to contend with. While there are certainly legitimate reasons for employees to be out of work, especially in the age of COVID-19, there are also consequences to a lengthy unplanned absence. Anserteam has worked hard to improve this specific stat for client companies, reducing absenteeism by 38%. How? Let’s take a closer look at how Anserteam can help your company mitigate risk.  

Improve Employee Welfare 

Employee wellbeing is a cornerstone of retention. To prevent absenteeism, make sure you’re focused on the overall welfare of your team. There are many aspects to consider:  

    • Job satisfaction 
    • Support for illness 
    • Mental wellness  
    • No fear of retaliation 

Working with a staffing partner can help you maintain a strong employee program, so you’re not feeling overwhelmed.  

Provide Coordination and Management 

When speaking with employees who walk off jobs or struggle with attendance policies, many will cite concerns about expectations. They may be frustrated by policies enacted by management and feel powerless to control their situation. This leads to absenteeism as the single thing they feel they can control. But a staffing partner can help communicate, coordinate, and manage your team so expectations are understood and can be met.  

Offer Flexible Career Opportunities 

Not only did COVID-19 change the landscape of most businesses, but technology and global reach made it more possible to embrace alternate career opportunities. And flexible schedules or work-from-home arrangements can help reduce absenteeism by providing a more work/life balanced approach to the workforce. Your company’s flexible opportunities may look very different from another’s, but it’s worth taking a closer look.  

Enforce Policies 

Sometimes reducing absenteeism is about enforcing attendance policies. While adjustments to expectations and flexible schedules can help, there will still be situations where absenteeism happens. When it does, you need to consistently reinforce policies with consequences. A staffing partner who manages your contingent workforce can assist by providing warnings and other implementations if the problem persists.  

Reduce absenteeism with a contingent workforce solution. Call us today.   

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