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Is your OSHA training up-to-date. Regardless of whether or not your clients have OSHA guidelines in place, you are also responsible for any of your temporary employees working on site. It is best to have everything covered and policies in place to better handle issues if they do arise. Before you place your next employee onsite, consider these three tips for improving your OSHA training.

  1. Evaluate each employer workplace.Before you agree to do any staffing for a client, especially one who has a warehouse or production facility, start by scheduling a walk through. The only way to train your staff to handle situations in these kinds of environments is to understand what risks are inherent that kind of work. Do this with each new client. Not only will it help with understand the safety procedures and updating OSHA training, but also gives you a better picture to describe to potential employees when assigning them to each workplace.
  2. Train representatives on OSHA compliance.Once you know what you’re dealing with, it is time to train your recruiters and client services representatives in general OSHA guidelines. You can work with an OSHA representative in your area to help you better understand your needs as an agency and create policies and procedures that will help your company manage the risk long term. Continued education for your seasoned professionals is also encouraged throughout their employment with your firm.
  3. Provide tools to track injury and illness.You are required to have the right method to report worker’s compensation claims, but few staffing agency employees have been trained on the procedures. And, a trial by fire once an accident happens can actually lead to long term problems with the employee and your insurance. Spend time training your staff to follow the insurance company’s required procedure and ensure that everything is compliant with the current OSHA standards that govern this aspect of your business.

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