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In Information Technology, there’s a concept referred to as the Break-Fix model. It’s the idea that a business can buy as-needed IT solutions when a problem arises. But this mode of operation has been on the decline for many years, and that’s for several reasons, including the advancement of technology and the efficiency of developing a relationship with a service provider. It’s been demonstrated that working with a managed service provider is better for companies in both technology and the employment space. Why is this? Let’s take a closer look. 

Complete Outsourced Solutions 

While outsourcing can be either the Break-Fix model or an MSP, outsourcing your services gives you access to experts on an asneeded basis. However, transitioning from Break-Fix to MSP, you not only have these resources when something doesn’t work, but you also have access to them for improvements, updates, and regular advice.  

Continuous Value 

With increased access to your provider, it creases the value of the services you get. This isn’t just about cost, which we’ll cover below, but also about the overall quality of the services you receive. With a Break-Fix model, the entire experience is in crisis mode. You don’t create relationships with your provider, you simply call when you’re in a panic. There is clear value to transitioning away from that cycle.  

Single Provider  

In building an ongoing relationship with your MSP, you will also be able to access the same single provider at all times. Your MSP will become an extension of your services, and you will feel confident and connected. A Break-Fix model may mean that by the time you need services, your previous manager is no longer working on your project. That can erode confidence from your team.  

Cost Savings 

It won’t take long to realize the cost savings in working with an MSP versus Break-Fix. Imagine a Break-Fix model where you only contact your service provider in crisis mode. How much time and energy have you already spent on the problem? How long will there be downtime while your provider works on a fix? With an MSP, they will be engaged with your entire system and can determine updates and important solutions before situations become critical.  

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