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Every year, like any business, we take a look back at our previous year to see where we were compared to now. As you might imagine, that felt like a daunting task in 2020. Our second quarter was greatly impacted by COVID-19, so we weren’t sure what the first three quarters would bring. We were pleasantly surprised by the results and we believe they’re directly impacted by the efforts of our onsite team. They worked tirelessly to provide a consistent and safe work environment through the peak of the pandemic in California. Let’s take a closer look.  

Days to Fill  

Comparing Q1-3 from 2019 to the same time frame of 2020, we saw that our days to fill were down 17.8%. Despite a difficult year for employment, we are confident that the reason for this improvement was our onsite team’s commitment to maintaining a safe and consistent work environment even as California saw major spikes in the coronavirus early and throughout the year.  

FullTime Conversions 

Similarly, our full-time conversions are up 36.4% over last year. This may be attributed to the idea that finding new talent in a pandemic could be more challenging than previously. Companies were not willing to take a chance on an unknown quantity, they put their faith in individuals who were already doing the job successfully.  


Surprisingly, we also saw a decrease in absenteeism even during the periods of times with high infection rates. It was down 16.6% versus the previous year. Several factors might have been at play for these results, including a tighter job market and better protocol to protect worker’s health due to COVID-19.  

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